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Recent Events: Top Dance Winter Camp 2021

The Top Dance Winter Camp in Pomezia (Rome), takes place inside a conference center hotel to offer participants maximum comfort for the improvement of their dance, with a four-day full immersion of intense work.
Inside, Lectures, WorkShops, Guided Workouts, Athletic Training Activities for dancers and more.
Every year the best Teachers at the World Summits for Standard and Latin American Dances will be present to improve the participating couples and to offer the necessary advice to plan the work strategies useful for achieving new goals.


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Our Amateur Wins

7 times Italian Champions

European Championship 04/05/06
UK Championship 04 /05/06
Blackpool Championship 04/05/06
German Open Championship 04/05/06
Grand Slam Series 04/05/06
MastersGala 04/05/06
World Cup 2004
Central-European Champions 2002      
Worlds Championship 2004/2005
International championship 2004/2005

Our Professionals Wins

International Championship Prof. Finalist 06/07/08/09/10
UK Championship Prof. Finalist 07/08/09/10
Blackpool Dance Festival Prof. Finalist 07/08/09/10
German Open Prof Finalist 07/08/09
World Championship Wdc Prof. Finalist 2008
European Vice-Champions Professional Wdc 2009
German Open Champions 2011
European Champions Prof. Wdsf 2011
World Champions Prof. Wdsf 2012